Our rates are comparable with other photographers in the region. However, make certain to bear in mind the cost of “licensing” from other photographers, especially if you find out you do not own the pictures or video. Remember, with OneClickPic.Com, all of the photos and videos we provide to you are yours in perpetuity*. Also, all pricing on aerial videos and photos does not include site insurance, which is calculated based on location. We insure every launch with Verifly™.

*- So long as the client agrees to allow OneClickPic.Com rights to potentially display the work we produce for you as a part of our ever-evolving portfolio, then all other rights to the photos and videos you purchase from us, including copyright, are yours in perpetuity!

Real Estate Package (Homes)$150.00
Real estate package (Homes) includes all HD interior photos and up to 5 HD exterior photos, Aerial Drone Photos, and a 360° Photo from front area
Real Estate Package (Land)$100.00
Real estate package (Land) includes all HD photos of important points of interest and aerial drone photos
Real Estate Add-Ons:
Aerial Video$100.00
360° Online Tour w/hosting*$200.00
Business Advertising$150.00
Business advertising includes a 30 second video commercial, a 30 second audio commercial, and 10-15 photos of your business and wares
Youth Groups$150.00
Youth groups package includes 2 photos per child (up to 40 children), 1 group photo and 1 360° group photo
Business Advertising Add-Ons:
Green screen video+$50.00
Professional multi-cam livestream event (1 hour)$300.00
Misc. Add-Ons:
360° “Tiny Planet” photo$30.00
360° “Tiny Planet” video$50.00
Photoshop Image Repair and Touchupsvaries
* Hosting of a 360° tour is for one year or until the sale of the property, whichever is first.