What do I need?

Overhead aerial shot of a garden hedge maze.

Determining what you need can be quite a process. You want to make certain you get everything you need, but you also do not want to get a package that is too large for your intentions. When you feel you are ready, you can contact us and we will set up a meeting here in town at one of the local restaurants to discuss your needs and ideas over some pie and coffee. There, we can come to understand your hopes and dreams for the project so we can be best prepared to make them come true for you! We will determine your needs and either offer one of our packages or build a custom package specifically for your needs and you will leave our meeting with a quote in hand which is good for 30 days.

So, first things first.

Open notepad, written upon the page is the word "Today" with a blank numbered list.

So, we met and enjoyed some of the fine fares in Dunlap, and we have decided on a course of action. Now, let’s make certain you are ready for the big day when it comes time. We have some helpful tips to assist in making your pictures and videos the best they can be!

  • If interior photographs are to be taken, make certain all of the lights are turned on (including any lamps). If there are ceiling fans, please turn them off.
  • If the project is for real estate, make certain the property owner has the date and time of our arrival for the session as well. You might suggest to them that they vacuum and dust, and have them check their rooms to make certain there are no dirty clothes in hampers, no water spots all over the mirrors, no personal clutter just lying about, etc. The nicer they “dress” their home, the better the photos and videos will turn out!
  • If your package includes exterior shots, we ask that the business or yard (and its contents) be in good and neat order. If there is a yard, the grass should be cut within a 48 hour window before we arrive to shoot.
  • If there will be animals at the location, make certain that there’s have a plan to prevent them from wandering into rooms where the photography is being conducted (unless, of course, they are the models!).

The shoot is over. Now what?

Picture of a computer screen filled with a video editing program.

Now is when we do our magic! We download all media to our graphics workstation and get down to business. We optimize and color correct images, we edit the drone video footage to make a visually pleasing video, and we edit scripts to create a target-based 360° virtual tour. We also compile all of the assets and run through our “many eyes” system, where the editor has another employee look over the footage to see anything that the editor might have missed (not seeing the forest for the trees).

Then, once the work is done, the files are compressed into standard Zip files. A “preview” page is set up and an email is sent to you containing the link to the preview page so you can see the finished work. The preview page will contain lower resolution and/or watermarked files that will give you a good sense of the finished product.

Once this is approved, you will be sent an invoice for the cost of the work. Once this invoice has been paid, a second email will be sent containing the links to download the files.

These files will remain active for you to download for six months after the email is sent out. After this time, the files will be removed form the server. We highly recommend you download all of the files from the links we send you and store them in a safe place.

Remember, once you have the files, you do not need to ask for any permissions to re-use the photos in any manner you see fit. So long as the you agree to allow OneClickPic.Com to potentially display the photos and videos produced for you as an example in our ongoing and evolving portfolio, then all pictures and videos which we are paid to produce for you, as well as all of their rights of use, belong to you in perpetuity.