When you are looking for someone to capture your video or photography, what kind of things come to mind? Are you a real estate agent wanting to really show a promising property? Are you in the telephone or electrical fields needing to do inspections on poles or towers? Are you just looking for a few cool photographs in the best quality possible? Are you a manager needing to create a training video with no knowledge on where to start? 360° video and ambisonic audio immersion that can be viewed in 4k quality on computers or virtual reality headsets?

OneClickPic can do all of these things, and more, to bring your next project to fruition!

Having worked with digital video and photography for many years, Burt has the tools and the skills to accomplish the tasks you need in a professional, timely manner.


Having used the Adobe suite of tools, like Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects for many years, Burt is well learned in the art of making your images and video really stand out. Yes, he can also take a kitten photo and quickly make it a meme, but that’s probably not why you’re here. Unless you are. He can do that, too.

360° Photography, Virtual Tours, and 360° Videography

When it comes to watching videos or scrolling through photographs, there’s still nothing quite like actually being there. With 360° photographs, OneClickPic.Com can create virtual tours through homes, buildings, and other areas. Using 360° video in conjunction with ambisonic audio capture, your “fresh from HR paperwork” trainee can stand shoulder-to-shoulder next to your best employee at that station, learning all of the basics of the job on a virtual reality headset without tying up the employee’s time. Not only does it provide a safe alternative to normal floor introduction training, it gives your trainees a virtual “one-on-one” learning experience which can be shared with each and every trainee that HR sends you!

Drone Photography and Video

When choosing a freelancer for drone work, always consider the following:

  • Is your pilot Part 107 certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration to legally fly a drone for commercial purposes? If you are trying to make money from drone videos and photography, and you’re not certificated, there are many legal issues that can arise, including but not limited to huge fines.
  • Does your pilot have the necessary equipment to accomplish the tasks assigned?
  • Has your pilot registered their drone with the FAA?
  • Does your pilot have access to the necessary insurance in the event of a catastrophic accident? No one wants to imagine the worst, but if the drone, while under contract to you, were to seriously harm someone or cause a monetarily large accident (think speeding, out of control drone, crashing through a 15th century stained glass window in the church next door), are they financially insured to protect themselves?

If the answer to any of these questions are “no”, or you simply do not have the answer, you might not be getting the “deal” you think you are.

This is the Small Unmanned Air System (sUAS) Certification card I earned from passing the FAA’s test.

Burt has received his Airman’s Certificate as a remote pilot with the sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft System) rating from the FAA. He has all of the tools and knowledge necessary to accomplish the tasks to fulfill your vision. His drones are registered through the FAA, and typically flies commercially with $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 liability insurance, depending on the location and other factors.

Still Not Convinced…?

Woman looking shocked, mouth agape, staring at a laptop screen.

So, you’ve seen the reels and examples and you’ve studied what Burt has to offer, but you’re still not convinced to take the leap? There is one part of his services where Burt differs from almost every other pilot in the field. When you’re talking to your other options, ask the magical question:

So, since I am paying you for these pictures and video, do all of the rights belong to me?

-The person asking the real questions

In many instances, that answer is actually “No”. Why, you ask? Well, most will tell you they are “professional photographers” and any image they take or video they shoot is their copyrighted materials. They are giving you, through your purchase, the rights to use them.

That’s it.

So, if you later take one of the photographs and try to sell it to someone else, those other photographers will say that you cannot, since you do not actually own the image. You own just the “rights” to use it for your own personal or commercial use, not for resale. They’ll have an entire page dedicated to legal jargon, droning on and on with phrases like:

“All photographs are the copyright of the studio. This agreement does not transfer copyright to Client.”

Studio is hired by Client for the purpose of producing Work to be used both in print and online to market and advertise a specific real estate listing. Any other commercial use of Work is prohibited, and requires payment of a usage fee as determined by Studio.

Burt has found a way to make this simple. Here is his legal description, verbatim.

“Client(YOU) holds all copyright in and to any images produced. Photographer(OneClickPic.Com) will transfer copyright, in perpetuity, of the images and/or video with the agreement and understanding the Photographer(OneClickPic.Com) may possibly use any of the images or video as examples in their portfolio.”

S. Burt Kilgore, OneClickPic.Com

See? Not that difficult! Ready to make that jump?